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Along with the prompt, the temperature is one of the most important settings. It has a significant impact on the output, so it’s worth spending some time explaining it. The temperature controls how much randomness is in the output.

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I am a fan of indie developer Pieter Levels. He is open, competent, and versatile. As he showed in his latest project IdeasAI, where he generates startup ideas with GPT-3 and people vote on them.

Note: GPT-3 is the biggest language model that can generate human-like text. Learn more about this marvellous technology on YouTube.

There is a discussion about how to build a business around GPT-3, with Bakz T. Future writing a great article about the issue. …


Hey, curious marketers and copywriters, deploy GPT-3 in your creative process and be more effective. Written by Jan Antonin Kolar

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